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2016 SpeechLab Kick-Off Meeting

With the China National Day celebration, Speech Lab has its yearly kick-off meeting. The main purpose of this meeting is to promote the team building and strengthen the friendships between lab-mates.

The whole meeting is generally divided into five parts. Which comes first is the Speech Lab introduction and the review of last year work. Professor Kai Yu, who is also the Lab supervisor, firstly gives the introduction speech, presenting the original intension and growth of Speech Lab. After that, Professor Yu reviews the work of last year, showing the glories lab-mates got and the weakness which need to be fixed.

Then it’s the part for all the secretaries to introduce and conclude the works before. The device secretary, lab affair secretary, propagation secretary and finance secretary take their turns to do the introduction and conclusion.

After that, Professor Yanmin Qian, who is one of the faculty of Speech Lab, gives the open talk of the part lab-mates self-introduction. This part is designed to share everyone information and experience, and it performs great that everybody gets to know each other better. In the end of this part, Professor Yu gives his talk which mentions his PhD experience in Cambridge University and it really motivates lab-mates.

The forth part is to give the birthday celebration to the lab-mates whose birthday is in the near 2 month. Everyone gets their birthday cake and has a happy moment.

In the end, all the lab-mates go to the academic activity center to have a dinner together. With the toast of all lab-mates, today’s event successfully comes to its happy end. With this diligent crew, Speech Lab can confidently embrace its brilliant future!

Speech Lab Group Photo
Lab-mates all toast for the future of Speech Lab