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SpeechLab Group Meeting

As a the end of the semester,SpeechLab have organized a big group meeting. The meeting have three main purpose together.

The first part is to summary the work in the past semester and post the summer plans, especially introduce the personnel alteration. This part is organized by professor Yu.  Along with the laboratory expand, more graduate students and undergraduate students have coming our lab. After the summer task arrangement, everyone is motivated.

The next part is about undergraduate students, some outstanding undergraduate students who join SpeechLab to do research have come to their Senior Year. Some of them are applied to the excellent Ivy League schools, some of them are going to stayed in SpeechLab to do a master's degree. All of them have shown their graduation project and share their happiness.

To celebrate their successful graduation, we prepared many snakes such as fruit and chocolate and so on.

The last part is the birthday blessing part. As the last laboratorial birthday party is at March, the birthday party is aiming to celebrate the students whose birthday is at April to June. We sang birthday song together and shared a tremendous birthday cake. Everyone is satisfied and hopeful.