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SpeechLab Home Party

Spring is coming. Speech lab organized a home - party to arouse the enthusiasm of all members and enhance our friendship at April 23th. All teachers and students of the lab came to a villa especially for home party, personally took part in different forms of activities such as singing, board games, video games, cooking and barbecue.

Board game activities is “werewolf", more than a dozen students gathered in a room and sit in a circle. Henry caught a glimpse of these ‘strange’ people, mistook they were praying and told others. so confused members came to seek what had really happened and understood the truth of whole thing. All of us couldn’t help laughing.

Several students skilled in cooking showed their capabilities in cooking activity. "we can cook as well as we code". Fried rice with egg, bone soup Hot pot, Professor Yu also cook a dish named stewed pork with brown sauce. All of members ate a lot with full of praise. The final activity is barbecue, our barbecue chef (several kind students), so calm and skillful, their roast also let the others eat hearty and feel totally satisfied.