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Graduation Dinner 2016

In order to thank all the classmates and teachers of SpeechLab’s great help during learning and growing, the masters and doctors graduate in 2016 invite all of the members of SpeechLab to participate in the graduation dinner at March 27th. We give the graduates of the lab sincere blessing. The teachers wish them staying hungry and keep working.

Here are the list of graduate students -- Yongbin You, Sibo Tong, Tian Tan, Su Zhu. Their studying time in SpeechLab seems like yesterday. Although members of the lab don’t want to let them go at all, we understand that life is a road that must be moving forward. Their excellent scientific research and study skills will give the follow students a great deal of help. Their good habits cultivated in SpeechLab will also let them achieve to the next level in their future study and career life.

Coincided with Professor Yu's birthday, all the members of SpeechLab celebrate birthday for those born between January and March. Professor Yu told some funny story of his student time. We feel excited and can't help wonder many study and laboratory teaching method is inherited from Professor Yu's experience of that time perhaps. Finally we say goodbye to each other in laughter.

Congratulations on Graduation. SpeechLab will always be there to welcome you home.