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SJTU Young Researchers Forum on Speech and Language Processing Invitation, 21st March 2016, Shanghai, China


The Organizer

The Speech Research group is part of the SJTU Computer Science and Technology Department. Its mission is to advance the research of intelligent speech and language processing for human machine interaction and develop effective algorithms for implementing real-world applications. For more information please check our website:


PhD candidates, recently appointed postdoctoral researchers as well as young specialists from the industry.


To identify unmet needs and challenges in speech research field and share ideas and progresses.

To develop a network of collaboration between entrepreneurs and young researchers from all over the world, working in this field.

Presentation Contents

Following topics will be covered, including but not limited to

  1. Acoustic Model and Speaker Recognition
  2. Language Model and Decoding
  3. Spoken Language Understanding and Dialogue System
  4. Speech Synthesis and Voice Conversion

Every participant shall give a 30-minute topic-related presentation including discussion. Advanced ICASSP presentations will be OK, although a different one would be preferred. Aside from the technical presentations, we would appreciate a self-introduction of each participating organization .

Schedule and Venue

20th March Visiting and Sightseeing in Shanghai.
  Domestic accommodation at Academic Exchange Center on SJTU Minhang Campus.
21st March Presentations and discussions at 3-200, SEIEE Building
  Ending the forum and move to the ICASSP reception.

The forum will be organized into several topic-specific interactive sessions. The detailed programme will be announced after receiving all confirmations.


Participation in the SJTU Young Researchers Forum on Speech and Language Processing is free of charge and the following will be covered,

  1. Transportation inside Shanghai, mainly for Shanghai sightseeing and from SJTU to the ICASSP venue/hotels.
  2. Sightseeing and meals during the forum.
  3. Domestic accommodation on Mar. 20th, SJTU.


To be added.

Registrition Form

You can download your favorite filetype from the following two links. Either will work!

PDF: registration-form.pdf

DOCX: registration-form.docx



If you need any help, feel free to contact Zhehuai Chen by

Tel: +086 17081440604