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The Kick-off Meeting of 2015 Autumn Term

The kick-off meeting of SJTU Speech Lab has been successfully convened at SEIEE on July 7th. All the professors and students attended this glitzy laboratory event. At the beginning, Professor Yu reported job progress and evaluated results within last quarter. 2 groups were awarded for their outstanding accomplishments including The Best Project Prize and The Best Research Prize. According to some prize laureates, the awards were totally richer than their imagination. Meanwhile, commissaries of each department summarize their works and were appreciated by the whole Lab due to their hard work. Future work plan then were released by successors respectively. 
The most exciting part is definitely interactive sessions. Everyone, with no exception for professors, needed to give a 10 minutes personal presentation and answered questions during the show. Professor Wu firstly presented ups and downs he had experienced by the time he got to Speech Lab from which we gradually learned about astonishing story of his wife and him. Next, each students tried all means to show themselves. Some introduced their hometown and gourmet cuisine which led to a few epicures endless drooling; Some shared their favorite computer games and resonate around the room; Some told their extraordinary stories when they joined club activities like Dian Group, ACM ICPC, etc. Besides these, something really bizarre were found out. Some people had the same wrong birthday date in their ID number. And two students had already communicated through an online forum, yet they didn’t know each other until they had met in Speech Lab. In the end of interactive sessions, the enthusiasm of each participant were brought to climax by Professor Yu’s amazing story about his college life. Not only was everyone touched but also admired his splendid life.
The whole kick-off meeting ended with taking the family photos which we would treasure forever.
Last but not least, all the people went out eating together. Those who had had girlfriend or boyfriend also brought them as well. After the dinner, there also was a birthday party for those born in October.
The old adage said that all good things must come to an end. In spite of this, we were sure that we would never forgot that day. 
The past had been over and the present was going to end, however, the future has just been on.