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Deep Learning: From Academic Concepts to Industrial Triumph

October 15, 2013 ,we are honored to invite Li Deng from MSR to give us a talk about deep learning. The talk attracted many students and teachers from SEIEE of SJTU. The talk live was brilliant, and was responded enthusiastically.

Li Deng received the Ph.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was an assistant professor (1989-1992), tenured associate professor (1992-1996), and Full Professor (1996-1999) at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. In 1999, he joined Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA, where he is currently a Principal Researcher. Prior to MSR, he also worked or taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ATR Interpreting Telecom. Research Lab. (Kyoto, Japan), and HKUST. He has been granted over 60 US or international patents in acoustics/audio, speech/language technology, and machine learning.

In this deep learning lecture, Professor Deng, carefully prepared with theoretical knowledge and knowledge accumulated over years of research and experience, bring us a wonderful report. Through this report, the majority of teachers and students reflect that, the understanding and application for deep learning in speech and image recognition has greatly improved, and also for some modern theories, models and algorithms in deep learning become a certain grasp. Besides there is a substantial increase in deep learning which is used to solve the problem of voice and image processing.

Professor Deng’ talk is clear and humorous. After the morning lecture, Professor Deng also met with the speech group, and conducted more in-depth exchanges. He not only answered every question, but also gave them sincere advice and recommendations. Professor Yu and Professor Deng also had a fierce discussion in respect of certain issues in the period. The atmosphere was hot.

The lecture benefit teachers and students a lot, and the attached link is the PPT of the lecture: