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Lab meeting: Human-computer game

The evening of 5 August 2013 from 7:00 to 9:30, Speech Lab launched a report entitled "man-machine chess", and Kai Sun is the speaker of the group meeting.

 The first part of group meeting is story-based. Kai Sun firstly introduced a man-machine chess through the game called "stone scissors cloth". By introducing this program algorithm, he introduced the topic of "man-machine chess". Then he introduced the historical development of man-machine chess, including some interesting stories in the development process and some latest progresses, which greatly increase the students‘ interest in this topic. On this basis, the group meeting entered the second part, Sun introduced the basic algorithm in "human chess" field. In this section, Kai Sun firstly defined the man-machine chess technical scope of the problem which can be solved. Kai Sun took the students through some vivid demonstration, guiding students to correctly understand and recognize man-machine chess in the computer's basic "thinking", including Minimax Search, Alpha-Beta pruning, Monte-Carlo Tree Search and so on. Subsequently, the problem of playing chess and the optimization techniques were introduced in detail further expansion. He introduced a variety of extension and cutting techniques and data structures. Finally, Kai Sun prospect man-machine chess development prospects.

The entire group meeting was in rich academic atmosphere, and there are many discussions. Kai Sun offered the students a rich spiritual feast. His explanation is simple and vivid, leading the students experiencing a wonderful man-machine chess trip.