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Lab meeting: DNN and adaptation

In August 15, 2013, to improve laboratory members’ various scientific research ability, and in order to enhance the academic exchanges between members, we held another group meeting. In this group meeting, Tian Tan introduced the relevant knowledge of DNN.

Firstly in the group meeting, around the topic of "DNN", Tian Tan introduced the development of DNN for linear combs comprehensively. Then He presented the application of DNN in automatic speech recognition. After that, He expounded the basic theory of DNN as follows: Deep Neural Network; Deep Belief Network; Other Neural Network. Finally, He elaborated the adaption in DNN.

The group mentor Kai Yu, Mr. Qian and students had a hot discussion on the issues related to DNN. And we believe that it will not only bring a academic feast for the students, but will also have a new inspiration to students in scientific research with the help of such kind of academic communication.