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Welcome to SJTU SpeechLab

The Speech Research group is part of the SJTU Computer Science and Technology Department. Its mission is to advance the research of intelligent speech and language processing for human machine interaction and develop effective algorithms for implementing real-world applications. The work of the group spans a broad range of related topics: from synthesis, recognition, understanding to end-to-end spoken dialogue systems. The work focus on using data-driven statistical approaches to achieve natural human-machine speech interface. Hence, flexible and expressive speech synthesis, robust and adaptable speech recognition, error-tolerant understanding and dialogue management and innovative combination of rich speech technologies are the primary interest in terms of fundamental research. Compared to other machine learning research areas, speech technology is unique in the sense that it has a high requirement of using appropriate computer engineering methods to implement research algorithms and make real-world systems working. Therefore, another important goal of our group is to advance the computer engineering algorithms and methods for implementing speech technologies. We believe, an outstanding scientist is not necessarily an excellent engineer, while an outstanding engineer must be an excellent scientist!

Recently, the newly advances in SpeechLab have been reported in many mass media news and special issues. 

For more details and technical introductions, News and Events and Monthly Lab Tech Reports are real-time updating on the website.